Gord Goodwin

SHINE welcomes the friends and family of Gord Goodwin into our fold. 

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Gord Goodwin made Roncesvalles Village his home from the 1980’s up until his sudden passing in 2022.  Over those years, Gord became a local guitar icon and was known all over the city at open stages and musical gigs. He was an original member of the Junction City All-Stars, a founding member and lead guitar player for the Bill Heffernan Homeland Security Roadhouse Band and someone who would sit in anytime with anyone, east, west, north, or south. Gord seldom missed a show at the long running Junction Jam, regularly sat in with the Pie Guys at the historic Blue Goose, was a regular fixture at the Inter Steer, and was a huge presence in the thriving music scene at The Local. 

Also known as “the Shadow” for his propensity to shun the limelight, Gordie never showed off, he simply complimented anyone and everyone with whom he played.  To quote singer-songwriter Jon Brooks, “Gord’s were kind eyes and unassuming hands. He never wanted to direct the song; his aim was higher. He wanted to unceremoniously participate in the joy and wonder and cosmic mystery of the song and of local live music.” 

SHINE is very pleased to offer an annual Gord Goodwin Music Bursary to help honour his memory and to celebrate his lifelong contribution to Toronto’s music community.

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