The Concert

Funding for the SHINE Music Bursary is raised through our annual SHINE Concert event. The next concert will take place on Sunday March 1st 2020 (doors at 6PM, show starts at 7PM, tickets $25ea). Once again, it will be held at the Lula Lounge, located at 1585 Dundas St. W, Toronto.

Since our inaugural concert way back in 2010, many noteworthy performers have come together to support this great cause. SHINE 2020 marks our eleventh anniversary and it promises to be yet another banner year!  We’re thrilled to announce that our stellar line-up of performers will include Shane Pendergast, The Lucas Stagg TrioLori Yates & Hey Stella, plus appearances from our 2020 Shine Music Bursary Winners!

Shane Pendergast

Hailing from Tracadie Cross, PEI, Shane’s connection to folk music spans four generations. His great-grandfather “Big Jim” Pendergast, and his grandfather Reginald each published collections of folklore, and Shane’s father Mike “The Music Man” Pendergast is a well-worn folk troubadour on PEI. Shane himself was born into the ceilidhs. Literally. When his mother went into labour, his dad was in the middle of a show and had to leave early!

Shane is working hard to keep the Maritime folk music tradition alive. He spends his summers performing at ceilidhs and concert halls across Prince Edward Island. This fall, he has returned to Toronto for his final year studying Film Production at York University. When he’s not doing that, he fills his spare time by writing folk tunes about the Maritimes (historical songs, made-up tales, and tunes inspired by his own experience), and performing in various pubs and clubs around town. You can catch him at The Local 2-4PM on Saturdays, and at Honest Weight every Sunday at noon.

Any day now, Shane will be releasing his debut album, titled “Place to the Name”. We’re thrilled that Shane is performing at SHINE, because once he graduates this spring, and armed with what promises to be a best-selling album, who knows how long it’ll be before we get him back to Toronto? The world is his Malpeque oyster!

The Lucas Stagg Trio

There’s a kind of romantic notion to the idea of the troubadour lifestyle. The term troubadour dates to the Middle Ages, when they were considered the shining knights of poetry who wrote songs about love, refined damsels, and the glory of the gallant knight on his charger. In a modern context, it continues to refer to poet/musicians, of which Bob Dylan would be an obvious American example.  It’s a fine tradition, and one of its finest Canadian practitioners is Lucas Stagg.

Originally from Kitchener, Lucas has found his home in The Junction. “I’ve become very comfortable living in Toronto’s west end. The city has become my muse, so if I have to describe my sound as anything, it’s really Toronto music.” Each of Lucas’ dozen or so albums reflects his “choice of the troubadour life, and the peaks and valleys of building an audience one gig at a time.”  Stagg is a true slave to the song. His musical vision is “keep writing better songs, making better albums and playing more shows.”

The other two thirds of the Lucas Stagg Trio are Tristan Schultz (A Fellow Ship) on bass and Cleave Anderson (original drummer for Blue Rodeo) on drums.  We’re thrilled that they will be gracing our stage at SHINE this year!

Lori Yates & Hey Stella

Born in Oshawa, Lori grew up in Downsview under the shadow of Yorkdale Mall.  She’s the kid who at 8 years old proclaimed to the world she was going to be a singer, and the same kid who left school at 15 to work in a gas station while taking singing lessons and secretly pursuing her dream. The kid who’d never been on a plane until Sony Music bigshots sent her a ticket.

Long recognized by her peers and respected as one of Canada’s top talents, Lori was called “alt-country” before the phrase even existed – the pioneer of a genre in the making.  This is an artist who met Johnny Cash, hung out with Tammy Wynette, wrote with Guy Clark, Don Schlitz and Colin Linden, jammed with Jerry Jeff Walker, drank with Harlan Howard, sang with Greg Allman, Rick Danko and Jim Cuddy, and ate jellybeans with Roy Acuff.

Lori has been nominated for a Juno award, a Canadian Country Music Award, and a Polaris Prize award (long list), has won many Hamilton Music Awards including Songwriter of the Year, SOCAN #1 award, and has recently had her lyrics immortalized in Hamilton’s Gore Park.

A dynamic and often hilarious performer, what sets her apart is her golden voice; part honey, part growl. You believe every note that comes out of her mouth, she’s that kind of singer, the real deal.  Her lyrics are gritty, tender, and poignant.

When it came time to record her latest album “Sweetheart of the Valley”, she called in her old bandmates, friends, and roots heavyweights of Hey Stella: Bazil Donovan (bassist for Blue Rodeo), David Baxter (acclaimed producer and guitarist), and Michelle Josef (drummer for Prairie Oyster).

Lori performed at our very first SHINE Concert back in 2010, and we’re so glad that she is returning with her band Hey Stella in 2020!

Funds raised at this concert will be used to support next year’s crop of bursary recipients.  Funds for the SHINE Music Bursary are also raised through donations. Contributions can be made anytime simply by clicking here or on the “Donate Now” button.

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