Q:    WHO is this Bursary intended to support? 
A:    It is intended to support youth from the GTA and surrounding communities who are interested in, but who face financial barriers to, furthering their study or practice in the field of traditional or folk music. In more detail:

  1. “Facing financial barriers”: The Shine Music Bursary is intended to support young people who face financial challenges impeding their ability to pursue their musical aspirations. To be considered for this bursary, the applicant (and/or their advocate/referrer) must adequately demonstrate the nature of the applicant’s challenges, including their level of financial need. The Committee recognizes that levels and degrees of individual need vary between applicants in any given year, and that they also vary from year to year, no two years ever being the same. (We hope that the applicant and their advocates can appreciate this.) With that said, if the applicant feels that they have need, then they should proceed with an application and express their need as they see it and as fully as they are able.
  2. “Youth”: The applicant must be 16 to 24 years of age in the calendar year of application.
  3. “From the GTA”:  The applicant must currently reside in the Greater Toronto Area or one of the surrounding communities.
  4. “Traditional or Folk music”:   In memory of Jim Fay, who was an avid folk musician, this bursary is meant to foster the continuing traditions of folk and related musical genres, produced with an organic instrument. While music is continually evolving and genres can be hard to define, we wish to support genres including traditional, folk, roots, Celtic, bluegrass, and singer-songwriter, to name a few. The further away that their music strays from the above description, the less likely the applicant will be considered for a bursary.

Musical genres not supported by this bursary include music created by non-organic means, such as digital production, sampling or computer.

Q:   Do I have to play an actual musical instrument?
A:   Yes… and No…

Yes:  This bursary is intended to support individuals who play an organic musical instrument in the traditional understanding of the word (e.g. guitar, piano, strings, brass, woodwind, etc.).

For the purposes of this bursary, digital production, sampling, and other techniques of generating music by computer are not considered organic musical instruments and are therefore not supported by this bursary.

…and No:  While proficiency with an actual musical instrument is a definite advantage, we also consider the human voice to be a musical instrument.

Q:    WHAT will I need to include in my application?
A:    To be considered for a bursary, we must receive three things: a completed Application, a Music Sample, and a Letter of Reference.

  1. Completed Application:
    you may either download an application form, then complete it and then submit it to us via email to bursaries@shineconcert.ca, or send us a hard copy via regular mail to: SHINE Music Bursary c/o 34 Indian Trail Toronto ON M6R 1Z7
    you may begin the on-line application process by clicking on the Apply Now
  2. Music Sample(s): The Music Sample(s) must clearly show you performing on your instrument.You may provide more than one Music Sample. Music samples in which you are a member of a musical group are acceptable provided you and your instrument are clearly identifiable within the recording.

Music Samples may be submitted as links to YouTube or other video and music-sharing services. Music Samples may also be submitted as music files uploaded to our website in the online application, or sent to us as email attachments. Music Samples may also be submitted via Canada Post on memory devices such as CD, DVD, USB flash drives, etc.

We do not require a professional-quality recording for the Music Sample. Video recorded on smartphones or other hand-held devices is quite acceptable.

  1. Letter(s) of Reference:  Your Referrer(s) should download the Letter of Reference Please ask your Referrer(s) to refer to this document, as it contains guidelines which will improve your chances of being selected for a bursary. The Letter of Reference must be completed, signed, and submitted to us directly by your Referrer(s). They may submit it to us via email to Bursaries@ShineConcert.ca or via regular mail to: Shine Music Bursary, c/o 34 Indian Trail, Toronto, ON  M6R 1Z7

We encourage you to provide more than one Letter of Reference. E.G. If one person knows your musical qualifications, while a separate person could support the reasons why you need financial support, then please provide Letters of Reference from both.

Who can act as your Referrer?  Any adult who knows you sufficiently well that they can credibly attest to the reasons why you deserve (as well as why you need) the financial support of this bursary. Examples include: current or past teachers, guidance counsellors, Child & Youth Workers, social workers, parole officers, spiritual or community leaders, etc.

Q:    I have previously received a Shine Music bursary – can I apply again?
Yes, but… If you are a past recipient, then in addition to the above requirements you must also adequately answer the following three questions:

  • how your previous bursary funds were used;
  • what progress you’ve made since receiving your previous award, and;
  • why you feel additional support is needed and merited

Q:    WHEN do I have to apply?
A:    Applications must be submitted, e-mailed or post-marked by January 15th.

Q:    WHEN with the awards be decided?
A:   The successful recipients will be notified by early February. Awards will be
presented at our annual SHINE Concert fund-raising event (visit 
www.ShineConcert.ca for more information about our annual Shine Concert event)